Let is snow! Winter Weddings

As a follow up from my last post I hope everyone has enjoyed the Holiday season and also the winter weather. Weather is a big decision for couples when choosing to be married and some prefer the warm sun and green grass with flowers and some may prefer to have the beautiful snow covered ground and white trees. Then there are the others that simply decide to get married when it’s convenient and hope the weather cooperates.

This past week I was able to go to the Logan Utah Temple to film a couples bridal session along with an exceptional photographer Abbey from AK Studio Design. The weather was of course terrible and it was rainy and snowy the entire time. Cassidy and Mitch were so great to work with as a couple and endured this process and although it was very cold and miserable the end results were amazing. There is something magical about snow falling in videos that I just love. Having a professional wedding videographer to capture the cold will help you remember and relive it over and over again.

The bottom line is with professional photographers and videographers working with you on your special day, you’ll be happy with the end result. There is beauty found in all seasons so if you’ve been fearful of having a winter wedding.. don’t be. Just brace for it and enjoy making the memories together as a new couple.

The below photos were taken by AK Studio Design during the same bridal session and you can see more by visiting her blog

ak-studio-design-131 IMG_1486-Edit(pp_w700_h466) IMG_1810-Edit(pp_w700_h466) IMG_2896-Edit(pp_w700_h466)

I just wanted to show another screen shot from a winter wedding done this year at the Salt Lake Utah Temple. So cold and so beautiful.

Screen shot taken from Dena + Alex Wedding Video

Screen shot taken from Dena + Alex Wedding Video

Forevermore, Professional Utah based Wedding Videographer

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